2018 - 2019 Tryouts

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Coral Springs United F.C. tryouts are for all players. No player is guaranteed a roster spot on any team prior to tryouts. 
Below is a listing of questions that are frequently asked regarding player tryouts. For your convenience, we are providing these questions along with an answer to help you through the tryout process. If you have additional questions, please send an email to:


Q. Which leagues will CSU teams participate in for the 2018/2019 Season?

A. CSU will be playing SFU and PBSL locally and teams that qualify will look to play FSPL, SRPL and NL on a bigger platform. We will also look to explore US Club based opportunities in addition to various competitive and Showcase tournament events.


Q. When are tryouts held? 

A: Formal Tryouts for Coral Springs United teams are open to all boys and girls and will be held at Cypress Park beginning, May8th through June 2nd, 2018. Players must register with Coral Springs United online prior to tryouts at
www.coralspringsunited.com. All players are expected to be at all tryout sessions. If you cannot attend all sessions, be sure that the coach is aware of your tryout schedule. If you have further questions regarding practicing with a team, please contact us at CoralSpringsUnited@bellsouth.net.


Q: Which team does my son/daughter tryout for?

A: Players must tryout for the age group that corresponds to your player's date of birth.

Year of Birth 2018-2019 Season
2011 U8
2010 U9
2009 U10
2008 U11
2007 U12
2006 U13
2005 U14
2004 U15
2003 U16
2002 U17
2001 U18
2000 U19















Q. What if a player is selected?

A: This year players will be contacted by coaches and staff via email or phone throughout the tryout process to notify them if they've been selected.

Q: How soon will my son/daughter start with their new team?

A: Teams U13 and older begin voluntary conditioning and training in July. Teams U12 and younger begin voluntary conditioning and training in early August.


Q. Can a player tryout for only a specific age group team?

A: No, all players in an age group will tryout together based on their birth year and will be assigned to a team based on the Coaching staff’s assessment. It is absolutely assumed that any player trying out for Coral Springs United will accept a position on the team they are selected to play.

Q: Can a player play up in an age group?

A: It is the intent of the Coral Springs United Coaching staff to define the process of the "playing up" guideline to avoid any misinterpretation of its intent:

Determining Factors for Playing Up in Age:
The individual player must be identified as one of the exceptional players in the birth year by the technical staff and the age group coach. At this time, it will be deemed that the indicated player will have secured a place with the team in his/her birth year. Next, the identified player will be invited to the older age group tryout, where he/she MUST demonstrate that they are also in the top of the group on that team. It also must be determined that the player's proper age/grade group team does not meet the competitive requirements to challenge the player if they stayed in their appropriate group. If the proper age/grade team is at a level that does challenge the player, they will not be allowed to play up. Based on this assessment by the technical staff, input from the older age group coach, and final determination by the Coaching staff, a determination will be made on the individual playing up a birth year. However, it is only in extremely rare conditions that a player will be allowed to play up (unless they are school grade appropriate for the older team) and therefore such permission should in no way be assumed. To assist in college exposure & recruitment it is important that everyone play in their appropriate school grade so college coaches can properly identify you when scouting occurs at showcase tournaments. Playing with a team other than the player's proper school grade can definitely hinder that identification and recruitment process.

Team and Club Considerations:
We want to be sure that in this process, we create a fair opportunity for everyone involved. A major concern is that we place a player in an environment in which they are
challenged, have an impact on players with whom they are playing and are having the success necessary to enhance their development. A club and team consideration is the displacement of players whose roster spot will be filled by a younger player. Here lies the reason that the technical staff must be certain that a younger player will have the impact necessary to justify displacement of an individual who is birth year eligible for a team.


If you have any questions or concerns about the registration process or need additional information regarding the player selections, please contact us at coralspringsunited@bellsouth.net.

Phone Number: (954) 228-0684